Recycle (2013), time 3:20

The world is an arena of continuous events, conflicts and wars. Every day, in every country, we can hear hundreds of informations filtered through the media. News are often manipulated to serve a specific ideology. TV picture for the average viewer determinates current trends. The film is an expression of rebellion against the worthless content that can be seen in the most popular TV stations. TV picture is subjected to intentional manipulations, through consistent audio and video distortion. Disturbances initially are small but they gradually deform the image by reducing it to the multiplicated center line of RGB pixels in CRT TV, which is accompanied by classic music. Television then becomes an object of audiovisual art.  All content is recycled and television broadcast becomes an abstract image, giving the field to open a multi-faceted interpretation.

2020 ADAF 16th Athens Digital Arts Festival – July 10/September 10, Athens, Greece (online)​
2018 THE GEOMETRICAL COLLECTION, exhibition at Ospizio Giovani Artisti, 6 – 17 December 2018, via Cernaia 15,  Rome, Italy​
2017 Prosthetic (part of 3rd The Wrong Biennale); November 1st, 2017 to January 31st, 2018; virtual show
2017 4th VideoArt Festival – Mutoscopio; 24th November; Puebla de Zaragoza; Mexico​
2017 Video Vortex XI Video in Flux: Art, Activism & Archives; 23-25 February 2017; Hotel 18, Fort Kochi & Mill Hall, City of Kochi, Mattancherry, India; (As part of the Sristi Outpost a collateral of the Kochi-Muzeris biennial)​
2016 Festival Oodaaq: 
at Le Théâtre de la Parcheminerie (Rennes, France) the 21th of May 
at La Ville en Bois (Nantes, France) the 29th of May 
at La Grande Passerelle (Saint-Malo, France) the 4th of June
2016 AVI Festival (Art Video International), Museum of Israeli cinema at the Cinema City complex in Jerusalem, Israel, 8-10, 15, 22-24 December
2013 – Videoholica International Video Art Festival 2013 – GRAFFIT Gallery, Menthol Club – Varna, Bulgaria
2013 – 9th International Festival of Digital Arts and New Media, Athens Video Art Festival – Camp, Miltiadou St. – Athens, Greece
2013 ESPACIO ENTER – International Festival of Creativity, Innovation & Digital Culture, Tenerife Espacio de las ArtesSanta Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, 29.11-1.12.2013​