Thing that wasn't possible yesterday is happening today and isn't a barrier for tomorrow (2007), time 2:24

The film is a critical commentary to 2007 parliamentary elections in Poland. The reality is presented as an overwhelming, embarrassing world which provokes  uneasiness, the sense of absurdity, nonsense or even grotesque. At first, the main element of the film – a white and red candle – is burning with a strong and stable flame. However, once the political language (full of aggression, mutual accusations and incomprehensible barking)  appears, the flame becomes unstable and eventually fades away. The whole image ends with the words: “In this ill system, the ignorant crowd (people) will accept everything”. The atmosphere of instability, insecurity and confusion is additionally intensified by the psychedelic music.

2020 ADAF 16th Athens Digital Arts Festival – July 10/September 10, Athens, Greece (online)​
2015/2016 Screengrab 7 – International Media Arts Award, Pinnacles Gallery, 18.12.2015 – 28.02.2016, Townsville, Australia,
2009 -„Przeciąg”, II Festival of Young Art – Pomeranian Pronces Castle – Szczecin 
2009 – Athens Video Art Festival – “Technopolis” Municipality of Athens – Pireos, Gazi, Metro Station “Kerameikos” – Athens, Greece
2008 – Transgression of imagination, Old Academy, Lublin​