Past-gone (2009), time 4:30

Near Lublin, behind a fence stands and old bus (there are only few left of this type in europe). It is in bad condition, rusted, damaged. Some plants are growing inside of it, it’s a trap for fly, butterfly. The bus have lost his old function. Film is a kind of an artistic creation, in which bus is going back to his best times, to travel one more time. And in its unreal, virtual travel he alives during projection, and with him his memories, and events of which he could be a witness.

2011 Honorable Mention, Koloroffon Film Festival, festival of polish short films, club “Brain”, Bydgoszcz, Poland
2010 – Festival of Film Art “Prowincjonalia 2010 – Cinema “Trójka” – Wrzesnia, Poland
2010 – Lublin’s Stories – Festival of Films abou Lublin, Students Center of Culture, Lublin
2009 – X Gdańsk Festival of Independent Movie “WYDMY” – Russian Center of Culture and Education – Gdańsk, Poland
2009 – Invasion of Independent Art „RE:WIZJE” 10-12.XII.2009 – Main Train Station, Warsaw, Poland
2009 I prize in competition WYKLUCZONE! 2009, Masovian Center of Modern Art, category: film, Radom, Poland