Passing of time (2007), time 4:57

The purpose of the film is to preserve an abandoned and forgotten place ( my grandparents’ house). Surprising, hardly visible and covered with dust image reports past events and combines them with those which are still to come. The film  is about the passage of time, about facing memories , it tries to catch viewers’ attention  and make them discover their own meanings in the scattered objects.The place we  contemplate does not exist in reality, there are objects which no longer belong to anybody and there is time which no longer concerns anybody.

​2020 ADAF 16th Athens Digital Arts Festival – July 10/September 10, Athens, Greece (online)
​2009 – Athens Video Art Festival – “Technopolis” Municipality of Athens – Pireos, Gazi, Metro Station “Kerameikos” – Athens, Greece
​2009 – Invasion of Independent Art „RE:WIZJE” 10-12.XII.2009 – Main Train Station, Warsaw, Poland
2008 I prize in competition WYKLUCZONE! 2008, category: film, Masovian Center of Modern Art, Radom, Poland
2007 – „Bridge”, Young Art Fair – Youngs Gallery – Warsaw
2007 – “Clack deciding about beeing” – painting realization on walls and video, White Gallery, Lublin