Pain (2018), time 3:56

Pain is an element of our life. We can feel it in different ways. It can be short or long-lasting, weak or very strong…

The main character is a young woman. She speaks about pain which became her companion. The pain determines her life, deprives her of what is important, pushes her to the margins of social life. The condition in which the woman lives lasts for years and the source of pain is unknown and no one can help her.


  • 2019 1st prize (category: short film), Kaliszfornia Festival, 22-23 June 2019, Kalisz Pomorski, Poland
  • 2018 2nd prize: 13th Festival of One Minute Films; 11.10.2018; Nadbaltyckie Centrum Kultury, Centrum sw. Jana; Gdansk, Poland
  • ​2018 Linoleum International Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival, 6-9 September, IZONE Creative Space, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 2018 XV Film Competition ‘5 minutes from everyday life’, 6-7 July 2018, MDK Wagrowiec, Poland
  • 2018 CK OFF – XII Festival of Independent Cinema; 25-26 of May 2018; Cultural Center of Przemysl, Poland
  • 2018 XV UFF(o)A; 5 June 2018; House of Culture in Ustka, Poland